I’ve been learning so many lessons from a Life Coaching certification course. Each day, I get opened up to a whole new level of self-awareness, growth, and development. One of the major lessons I have learned is the power of asking questions.

Growing up, I used to ask a lot of questions. My mum encouraged this and so I got accustomed to always asking questions. But as I grew older, I realized that some people got uncomfortable with me asking questions. These people will either refuse to answer my questions or tell me it’s annoying to ask so many questions.

It’s easy to get carried away by the norms and standards others set for you. I know I still struggle to be my inquisitive self and also avoid stepping on toes with my questions. With time, I reduced how many questions I asked and withdrew into my shell.

I could tell the childlike curious part of me was dying. I started to worry about my mental and emotional wellbeing. I would console myself with the prospects of a future without me asking too many questions.

Now and then, I get comfortable with someone, come out of my shell and ask lots and lots of questions. I enjoy those times. The freedom and joy that comes with asking questions and knowing things.

Taking this course has opened me up to how powerful questions are. It is giving me the courage to always ask why, who, how, what, when, where and all sorts of questions. It is teaching me how much I can discover about myself and others through questions. It is showing me how I can love others by seeking to understand them through questions.

It’s annoying, you know. To not be able to do something you enjoy doing. It’s been super annoying not to be able to ask as many questions as I would like. I get upset sometimes when I don’t get answers or I get shunned for asking questions. But I know better now. I’ve learned the power of questions.

I’m definitely going to keep asking questions. I can’t help myself. I’m a very curious person.

So tell me, why did you read up to this point? What do you seek? How can I help?

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  • Benjamin Okpara says:

    MaryAlen, the write-up is just as beautiful as you are. Keep it up and keep asking questions – the right ones…

    • Mayree says:

      Thank you so much Benjamin. Your words put a smile on my face. I’ll definitely keep asking questions

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