When Days don’t go as Planned

By February 13, 2018Food for thought

I started off this day thinking I’ll be able to get some work done. Probably sit with my laptop and send mails out or finally get to draft a report that’s due.  But noooooo, it didn’t go as planned.

The day became occupied with lots of activities. An activity that I thought would fit into an hour or two dragged into 7 hours. How did that even happen? I wonder. 

When your day depends on some other people, then things like this happen. I am not saying its completely bad but then it can be avoided. 

So I learned that going to visit someone unannounced should be avoided at all costs. It’ll save you time. The time that could be spent on other things. So it’s best to call ahead, come to an agreement on the time to meet and save yourself some time. 

Planning ahead with people that your schedule depends on is key to having a well spent day

Another thing I learned today is that information is key. There are a few things that seem trivial but if I knew them beforehand, I could have saved me 2 hours. I sure do believe that knowledge is power. So I advise that you know all you need to before performing a task. 

Be informed to a large degree about the task you are to perform that day.

But then, is it possible to know all you need to know about a task? I have no idea. I guess with time, I’ll learn the answer to that question. 

Thank you God that the day went well even though it didn’t go as I planned, I appreciate that it was a day I could live in and experience life and learn lessons. 

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