Over the weekend, I participated as a cheerleader for the unit where I work. The guys were in a football league and they trained endlessly for it. We trained too for the cheerleaders halftime dance.

Come Saturday, the match held and even though we danced better than the opponent’s cheerleaders, the players of the team won our team by 3 goals to one.

It was painful. After all the training and preparations, we had lost the match and so were out of the league. We didn’t plan to lose, rather we planned to win. And so did the opposing team and every other unit involved in the league. But then, there is only one winner at the end of it all.

It made me realize that we might have lost the match but at the same time, someone else won the match. The last match we won, someone lost. So at the end of it all, life is basically filled up with winnings and losses.

What matters most is that we ensure we win at what matters most to us. It doesn’t matter if we fail or lose before in a previous attempt. What matters is that we learn from the failure and work towards winning.

Winning should always be the target regardless of the fact that we win some and lose some


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