I got an email that Udemy is doing a discount on all their courses. I decided to check it out and I came across a certification course on life coaching. The course is originally priced at $199.99 but because of the discount/promo, it was slashed to $10.99 only. I was super excited to see it as it was an opportunity to pay for this course at a price I could afford.

5 Minutes Later…………

I’m not excited anymore! I’m thinking if this is the right move to make. I’m wondering if I’ll actually take the course and not procrastinate to complete it. Lots of thoughts were going through my head and the majority of them were centered on how enrolling for the course might not be a good idea.

Finances are a little tight currently and I could use the money for something else. After all, I’m currently saving towards getting myself another phone. I wondered if I’ll even put the knowledge gained to good use and if this field is the one for me. I remembered the other courses I’m currently enrolled in and wondered if I’ll have to neglect them for this one. Lots and lots of questions filled my head.

Anyways, that’s how the hesitation started. More thoughts filled my head with doubt and fear and I slowly drifted away from the thought and excitement of enrolling in a life coaching certification course.

1 Hour Later…..

I finally encouraged me to give it a shot. I clicked on the enroll button, brought out my card from my wallet, inputted my card details to make the payment and boom! I realize that I can’t use my verve card to make the payment. I was beyond disappointed. I was devastated.

The next thing that came to my mind was the thought that this could be a sign that I shouldn’t enroll for the course. I asked a colleague if I could use his card and he said it wasn’t enabled for online transactions. I asked another and he said he does not receive OTPs to authenticate card transactions. At that point, I completely gave up on enrolling for the course and simply accepted everything that happened as a sign that I shouldn’t enroll for it.

However, deep down, I knew that I wasn’t satisfied and comfortable with that decision.

1 hour, 30 minutes later………

I was having lunch alone with my thoughts and I remembered that the promo ends in one day and how I’ll miss out on this opportunity. Still deep in thoughts, I remembered an experience my mum shared with me a year ago about a woman who purchased an expensive hat.

This woman approached my mum and sort her approval on the hat she has purchased to know if it was worth the price she paid for it. Rather than just give this woman her approval or disapproval, this wonderful mother of mine chose to share her personal principle with this woman. In situations like this, my mum applies this principle to help her make better decisions.

She proceeded to ask the woman 3 questions. She asked if the woman really liked the hat and wanted to buy it. The woman replied yes. She also asked if the hat would be useful to her. The woman replied yes again. Then she asked if the woman could afford to pay the price for the hat without going into debt. Again, the woman replied yes. With the three answers being yes, my mum showed the woman that she made a good choice buying the hat and doesn’t need anyone’s approval on her decision made.

Remembering this experience, I decided to apply the same principle to my confused situation. I knew I really wanted to take the course, I believed it would be useful to me and I could afford to pay for it without going into debt. Knowing my answers to the three questions were all yes, my excitement and enthusiasm were reignited and I decided to enroll for the course.

After eating, I went upstairs and asked one more colleague if I could use his card. He said yes and I was able to make the payment immediately.

I felt so much peace and joy knowing that I made the right choice. I even got the inspiration to write this post.

A lot of times, we battle with doubts and negative thoughts and it seems like the world is against that desire of ours. Whenever such a situation arises, think of my awesome mum and her wonderful principle

Do you want it and would really love to have it? If yes, is it useful to you? If yes too, Can you afford it without going into debt? If yes again, then please go for it.

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