When you pick up a book to read or sit to watch a movie, you don’t stop halfway through it and never go back to it if it is interesting. No, rather you read or watch till the very end. It doesn’t always end a happy way or the way we assumed it will end. But it surely ends.

What’s so special about that you may ask. Well, the movie or story is never complete without an ending. The beginning might be awesome and great but the ending determines to a large extent, how you perceive the book or movie afterwards.

The ending matters just as much and even more than the beginning.

Everyday or every week or every year, we set a goal and challenge ourselves to do something. Yes, we start it, maybe lasted a few days or weeks. But did we follow through to the very end?

I thought greatly about this today and started reflecting on things I never finished. I remembered I started taking one course online and I made detailed plans on how and when I would finish it and how much influence it will have on my life. The truth is that, till this very moment, I have not concluded it.

I came across someone who finished that online course and I could tell that we had this knowledge gap just because she finished it and I didn’t. It didn’t make me feel any jealous of her or think less of myself. Rather, it made me realize how important it is to finish something you start.

Therefore, from today henceforth, I shall focus on finishing up all my unfinished projects, plans, courses, goals, etc. I shall take one step daily to complete them and ensure they all come to a happy ending. I hope you do so too.

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