Something someone told me about myself that I never forgot

By September 2, 2019Family, Life Experiences

I can’t really remember the exact day this happened. I’m sure it happened a couple of times and was said in a number of different ways but I will never forget this one thing about myself.

It has affected how I live my life to a very large extent and I believe it has also reflected in my actions.

It has been echoed back to me so many times over the years and I just can’t run away from this fact.

It’s a very simple fact actually. I’ll tell you soon, wait for it (this is your mini-lesson on patience)

If you didn’t know, an amazing personality turned 50 today.
She’s my mother, my queen, my friend, my sister, my love, my everything.

Over the years, She has repeated this fact about me that I never forgot. And just when I am about forgetting, she finds a unique way of reminding me.

Sometimes she calls me “baby girl”, other times she calls me “mama”.
She actually calls me “mama” a lot. It got to a point where I started wondering why she even calls me that. Was it because I was her only daughter? Or was it because my name started with letters “ma”? Or was there more to it?

Being the inquisitive child that I am, I asked her one day, “Why do you even call me mama”?

She said, “Because you are my mama, my mummy”

It didn’t make sense to me at the time because how can I be my mother’s mother??

But eventually, I understood what she meant

You see, my mother sometimes allows me to take the responsibility of being the mother and making all the mommy moves and decisions. She allows me to take charge and bully her if need be?

She waits for my advice and opinion before making some decisions. She becomes my child and even lets me proofread her reports and guide her in her assignments.

She’s the reason I have a mommy mode. And since then, I’ve never forgotten that I have the tendency to be a mother.

Now you know why I usually go all mommy mode sometimes. It’s just one of my awesome features ?

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