Faithfulness in Little

By April 14, 2019Food for thought

I delivered this talk on a platform and decided to share it here for all to benefit and have access to it. I hope it improves your life.

To officially begin, I’ll like to establish what faithfulness is defined as.

According to the dictionary on my phone, faithfulness is defined as the state of being faithful. The word can be used interchangeably with loyalty. It is the devotion to some person or cause or nation.

To drive my message home, I will be as practically possible. Therefore I will be infusing some examples that we can all relate to.

Remember when you were a child enrolled in nursery/primary school? You were taught ABC’s and 123s and you were tested on how much you remember them. After which you progressed into two letter words, three letter words and so on. But the foundation was something basic, something as simple and little as ABC’s. What you were required to do then was learn it and never forget it.

If you failed to remember it, you would have to repeat the class and learn it all over again. But if you do remember it excellently well, you get promoted to the next class as the top of your class. How dedicated you were to learning and remembering your ABCs and 123s reflected in your performance at the end of the school year and it determined your next year.

I don’t know about you but when I started learning how to wash my clothes, I started with my socks. I would dedicate so much time and attention to washing them. Plus those were the piece of clothing my tiny hands could handle at the time. But if you see me now, I can conveniently wash a bed sheet ?

Also, when I started learning to cook, I obviously started by learning to boil water. Then rice I think or was it Indomie next? I can’t really remember right now. I put in so much effort to ensure I didn’t burn any food and as the years went by, I got better and better at cooking. Now I’m a pretty great cook ?

When I got an internship job at a company, they started me off with training and with little tasks. But by the time I was ending my internship 6months later, I was the one training new interns and I was taking on larger tasks in the organization.

I could go on and on with everyday instances on how one starts small and grows into something/someone big. I am sure we can all relate to having little beginnings in every area of life.

Even in business, you cannot start off by running a multinational company. You will run it to the ground if you try. Rather, you start with a team of 3 – 5 persons and over the years, you grow into a multinational

In all the examples I gave, it was pretty obvious that starting little is inevitable and that growth is evident with time. However, growth cannot take place without faithfulness.

Imagine not being faithful in learning your ABC’s, you probably won’t be able to read this right now. Also, you would have repeated primary 1 so many times that you eventually dropped out of school

Also imagine that I wasn’t faithful with washing my socks clean. My parents would probably have tagged me as a lazy child and I’ll turn out to be this big-for-nothing girl who cannot wash her own clothes.

The same thing goes with cooking or working. If I did not stay loyal/faithful to the cause, I would have failed woefully in it.

Where am I driving at?

In simple terms, Faithfulness in Little is the key to growth.

There’s this quote that says “to whom much is given, much more is expected”. Sincerely, in my own personal opinion, to whom little is given, much is also expected. Because if you fail at the little you were given, much more will be kept away from you. And there begins your stagnation & decline.

At every stage of life, we are given little things to start with. Little tasks, Little hope, Little words, Little Money, Little Faith in you. Just lots of little things. How faithful/loyal you are to them determines how much you grow and how far you go in life.

With little tasks executed efficiently and excellently well, come more little tasks. and then some more little tasks are added to the mix. With constant faithfulness every step of the way, you are bound to improve and grow into a big, mighty and successful person

See your life as a little seed planted in this world. Each day, you have the responsibility of watering and nurturing yourself. How well you do that matters a lot. Perhaps you stop being faithful in your obligation to water and nurture yourself. With time, you will wither away. However, if you remain faithful in your obligation to water and nurture your life, you will grow into a beautiful tree and bear fruits in abundance.

Some days might be tough. Some days you will fail to water your tree. Some days you will slip and not be as faithful as you will want to be. This happens to all of us. Failure is inevitable. But it is a huge lesson and guide to success. Because the day you fail to water yourself, that day you also learn how important it is to remain faithful to this cause of nurturing into a fruitful and beautiful tree. So you get back up and keep being faithful in the little efforts you make.

I’ll end on this final note.

There is so much we can achieve, so great we can become and so much success we can attain when we remain faithful in little

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