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My heart goes weary sometimes. It gets weighed down by problems and difficulties I face. Do you have a heart that’s weary also? And you just wish you could receive a large dose of care. You wish like I do for some rest from the burdens that seem to weigh you down. You desire and seek for peace for your soul.

Where does your heart lie? Where have you placed it? Friends can be super disappointing a times, I’ve had a share of that experience. And then you are forced to shield your heart from more pain. But deep down your heart cries for comfort. It craves some tender loving care. It craves someone to take away the sorrow you feel.

And there you are, feeling alone in this world. With no one knowing about your disappointments. With no one hearing you each time you cry. No one seems to understand how your heart aches. No one seems to be able to dry your tears completely.

I have felt this way before. I have cried myself to sleep some nights. I have felt alone and only craved love and comfort. I have felt lost. But I have a friend who keeps me going, he gives me comfort and dries me tears

Do you know my Jesus?

Do you know my friend?

Have you heard he loves you?

And that he will abide till the end

Well, there you have it. My friend is Jesus. He’s the only one who has been able to give me rest from burdens, comfort in times of sorrow, and love that lasts eternally. He’s your friend also, don’t forget that.

Inspired by the hymn “Do you know my Jesus”

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