How does a person find oneself? How do I really discover who I am? How can I be sure of what my purpose is? These are some of the questions that plaque my mind on some days like this.

I have read some self help books, I have listened to talks and the underlying truth is that self discovery is the stepping stone to living a successful life. Therefore, self discovery is extremely important.

I have a lot of ideas. Things I would really like to do. Things I have tried out. Things I haven’t given a second thought. Some people see me as a Jack of all trades. I am naturally good at anything I put my mind to do.

So how do I know where I am meant to be? How can I pinpoint the particular area my truest passion lies? I have different passions, different things that I enjoy doing. Is there a rule that I have to focus on one? If not, how do I succeed in all the different endeavors?

They say life is too short to spend doing what you do not like. So I believe that i should spend as much time as i can doing something i love. Something I have passion for. Something that will bring me joy.

My own problem now is that I have plenty things I am good at. So how do I know where to focus on. Successful people first made a breakthrough in one field before diving into other fields right? So how do I decide the one field or interest I should focus on to succeed in?

How do I truly discover me and what I am meant to do?

Please help me by dropping your comments. Thank you.

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