By February 18, 2018Life Experiences

I started off my day today feeling really bad that I had been on one book for two weeks now. I didn’t realize until today how much time I had spent reading and not reading this book.

Initially, when I started off the book, I had the intention to finish it in 3 days considering the size and number of pages. But then, that didn’t go as planned. I spent longer than I intended for reading the book. 

So today, I was determined to be super disciplined with myself and ensure I finished the book. Sincerely, doing that wasn’t easy but I overcame it. 

I set my mind to achieve something and I did that today. Having your mindset to achieve something and actually achieving it sets you on a path of achievements. It spurs you to do more. It reminds you that you can actually achieve whatever you set your mind to. 

Then I began to wonder, why do we hardly set our minds to actually do something? Even if we do, we hardly fall through and achieve what we set out to do. Could it be that we never really wanted to achieve that thing? Or could it be that we are lazy?

I think the answer lies in how much determination we put into what we set out to achieve. 

If we truly set out to achieve something, we are capable of doing so

So what’s that thing we have been so relaxed about and not so disciplined with ourselves about? I think it’s time to truly set out goals and work hard to achieve them.

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