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A little bit about me

I am a very curious girl this makes me want to try out new things and learn new things. I love the thrill of trying something new or different for the first time. I ask a lot of questions sometimes (most time actually) and I do this because I want to know more.

I can be weird sometimes with crazy ideas and list of things I’ll like to do and that’s what makes me fun and interesting

I am very enthusiastic about personal development, hence I started this blog and set out to read, read and read!

I have a 9 – 5 job as a tech recruiter at goodtalent.io. Asides that, i love to write, design, volunteer, organize events, ask questions, travel and have fun while living life to the fullest.

My deepest desire and hope is that my words and those of others on this blog inspire you to live awesome lives.

Why I am doing this

My mum once told me that if I experience something really good, I should share it. That way, I experience it with other people and they experience it with me.

She drove the lesson home with a nice meal. So, if for instance i taste a really nice meal, it’s best to share it with someone. That way, the person gets to have a taste of it and both of us can talk about how great it tastes. Doing that far outshines just describing the meal to someone.

That’s what i intend doing here. I read really good books, I go through life as you do too and I gain wonderful insights from all my experiences. But of what use are these lessons i learn from life if i cannot share them with someone? And so, I have decided to share them with you. We’ll talk about our life experiences, and lessons learned form everyday life and we’ll enjoy life together.

So let’s start sharing