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I read a book over the weekend titled “I am Malala”. Some people have heard about her and her story while some haven’t. I had previously heard about her story but reading her memoir was worth the time.

She inspired me a great deal and made me remember how each one of us were made to serve a purpose here on earth. From the book and happenings in my life lately, I have come to realize that everything happens for a reason.

I have heard this a lot of times and sometimes take it for granted. But I took out time to examine my life and I see now that everything I have passed through so far has led me to this place and point of life that I am in. And the good news is that the journey is not over yet. It simply just began.

People wish life was a bed of roses. They wish life was super easy and a walk off. But then, it wouldn’t be life. What makes life unique and memorable is the difficulties we overcome to bring us to where we are. These events/obstacles are what make life interesting. It makes our story real. And just like every story, we know there will be a happy ending.

So enjoy the process. Learn all you can. Make memories and make impact. Live for others. Stand up for what is right. And live a life worth remembering.

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